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Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,


This year, standards-based grading is being used to document learning for all middle school learners. You may recall that this type of reporting was used in our sixth grade math, reading, and writing classes last year.  All classes, including science and social studies, are now being reported in this manner. 


As we continue to personalize learning for each child, we must consider the best way to report progress.  Standards-based reporting is a system of documenting what a learner knows and can do based on the learning outcomes of a progression.  Each learning outcome is accompanied by mastery scales that indicate specifically what evidence of learning must be demonstrated at various levels. What you see on the reports are the mastery scales.


The mastery scales have four levels:

  Enhanced – The learner has demonstrated in-depth understanding and application of the learning outcome.

  Mastered – The learner has demonstrated understanding of the learning outcome at a complex level.

  Developed – The learner has demonstrated knowledge of simpler details and processes at a foundational level.

  Exposed – The learner has been exposed to the learning outcome and demonstrated partial understanding.


This change in reporting provides you with valuable information as you monitor your child’s learning.  It is important to note that some learning outcomes may take longer to master than others.  So, for example, if a scale is presently marked Exposed, this will likely change as the learner continues to work on that particular learning outcome.


I understand that much has occurred since correspondence was sent to you about the standards-based grading initiative last January.  Likewise, not everyone was able to attend the presentation at this year's open house.  So if you have any questions, I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Burns, or me.  We would be happy to discuss standards-based grading with you.   



David Steimer