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Dear Parents/Guardians,


Ligonier Valley Middle School is transitioning to a combination of the current standards-based grading AND the addition of traditional grading (percentages) beginning at the start of the second quarter of the 2021-22 school year. As we continue to maximize individual potential, we understand the importance of improving our reporting system to more accurately show where each learner is academically and where they are going next.


With the transition to PowerSchool for reporting progress, we are now able to report a percentage and learner outcome(s) for each assignment/course. Learners will be given assignments that are graded with a percent, based on the district grading scale. The assignment will also show the learner outcome(s) that are included in that assignment. We will be able to show WHAT they are learning in each class, HOW they are performing on assignments, and WHERE they are moving to next in the progressions reported in PowerSchool.


First quarter report cards will only include outcomes (standards-based grading) to provide a baseline of where your child is academically in each course at the start of the 2021-22 school year. You will continue to see your child’s growth on the standards (outcomes) throughout the year, but you will also see a percentage for each class beginning with the second quarter report card.


The following is an explanation of what you can expect to see for each class on the Ligonier Valley Middle School report card:

  1. Each class will have a percentage for your child’s performance, based on the LVSD grading scale.
  2. After the percentage for each class, you will see your child’s personalized plan for academics—the completed outcomes, outcomes currently being assessed, and upcoming outcomes that need to be addressed to reach the “expected level”.
    • Advanced (A)- The learner is able to independently show advanced understanding of this skill with in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught.  
    • Mastered (M)- The learner is able to independently demonstrate mastery of the desired learning outcome through application and/or analysis.
    • Developing (D)- The learner is able to independently describe, identify, or define foundational concepts and processes necessary for growth.
    • Exposed (E)- This learning outcome was recently exposed to the learner or the learner cannot independently demonstrate foundational concepts and processes necessary for growth.
    • Not Assessed (NA)- The learner was not yet assessed on this outcome, but will be moving toward the outcome(s) next.
  3. The teachers will also be reporting on your child’s progress with life and career skills (adaptability, flexibility, time management, leadership, working independently, being a self-directed learner, and becoming a lifelong learner). These skills will be reported with A (advanced), M (mastered), D (developing), E (exposed), and NA (not assessed). They will not be reported a percentage.

Your child’s first quarter, standards-based grades report (progress on learner outcomes) will be available on November 9 and can also be discussed with your child’s teacher at Parent/Teacher Conferences on November 11. If you need any clarification or have any questions about the grading changes taking place on the second quarter report, please contact me at 724-238-6412.


Thank you for your continued support.



Paulina Burns