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Child Study Team and SAP

Child Study Team
Some children have difficulty with their learning for a variety of reasons.  When this occurs, teachers put interventions in place to help the student succeed.  If a student experiences greater difficulty, or other circumstances that may impede learning, a teacher, parent, or administrator can refer the student to the Child Study Team through the guidance department.
Once a referral is made, information about the student is gathered from relevant sources.  This information is reviewed by the student's team (mentor, teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, guidance counselor, and other applicable staff) during a problem-solving meeting and appropriate accommodations or modifications are put in place to assist the student.  Data is collected to determine if the interventions are successful or if additional help is needed through on-going monitoring.
In addition to academic interventions, the Child Study Team may consider a referral to a program such as the Student Assistance Program (SAP), or the Effective School Solutions program (ESS) when appropriate. Before a student can participate in the SAP or ESS program, parent approval is needed.
Student Assistance Program
The Pennsylvania State Department of Education mandates that each secondary public school across the state has a Student Assistance Program (SAP). Through this program, school staff, students, and parents/guardians are able to identify and refer students to appropriate programs that deal with issues related to alcohol, drugs, or social/emotional health. It is important to note that SAP is not a treatment program but an intervention program. Information is kept confidential unless the health or well-being of the child is at risk. Members of the SAP team include: Mrs. Davis (SAP Coordinator), Mr. Bakewell, Ms. Burns, Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Baumann, Mr. Podlucky, and Mrs. Patrick. Parents or teachers can contact Mrs. Davis at 724-238-6412 to make a referral or to get additional information.
Effective School Solutions
Effective School Solutions (ESS) services are available to support the social and emotional health of students at the middle school.  This multi-tiered approach provides assistance to students proportionate to their level of need. Parent approval is needed. Parents can contact Mrs. Khalifeh or Ms. Celesnik at 724-238-6412 to make a referral or to get additional information.