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Work Permit Request Form



  1.      The Parent/Guardian should download and complete the electronic work permit form on our website.
  2.      The Student's Parent or Legal guardian should electronically sign the PDF form or the paper application.
  3.      The Parent/Guardian should then attach the required document for proof of age such as Transcript of Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Passport, or affidavit of parent or guardian accompanied by physician’s statement of opinion as to the age of the minor to the completed application and submit it Ligonier Valley Middle School.
  •      If applying electronically, email digital copies of Work Permit and Proof of Age Document to [email protected]
  •      If applying by mail with a paper application, send work permit with photocopy of the required proof of age document and mail them to: Ligonier Valley Middle School, Attn: Work Permit Application, 536 Bell Street, Ligonier, PA 15658
  1.      Upon receipt of the application and documentation, the issuing officer at Ligonier Valley Middle School will contact you with further instructions.
  2.      Once the issuing officer ensures that all the documents required by law have been examined, approved and filed, and all conditions and requirements for issuing a permit have been fulfilled, a wallet-sized, paper work permit will be issued to the student.
  3.      The student should sign the work permit when received and show it to the employer, who should make a copy for their records. THE STUDENT SHOULD ALWAYS RETAIN THE ORIGINAL WORK PERMIT.