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ESAP is the Elementary Student Assistance Program.  If one of our learners is having behavioral difficulties in school, they may be referred to the ESAP team.  The team has a mental health liaison on board.  If you, as the parent permit it in writing, she will interview your child.  She will then call you with her recommendations.  This service has helped many learners in our school along with the school based mental health from Excela Health.

Through this program, school staff, learners, and parents/guardians are able to identify and refer learners to appropriate programs that deal with issues related to alcohol, drugs, or social/emotional health.  It is important to note that ESAP is not a treatment program but an intervention program.  Information is kept confidential unless the health or well-being of the child is at risk. Members of the ESAP team include: Dr. Dickert-Wallace (SAP Coordinator), Mr. Theys, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Bayus, and Mrs. Vargo. Parents or teachers can contact Dr. Dickert-Wallace at 724-238-5663 to make a referral or to get additional information.