Countywide Broadband Survey

Citizen and Business Participation in Internet Survey and Speed Test Critical for Broadband Expansion in Westmoreland County

Access to high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With broadband access, children can participate in online learning, residents can access healthcare, businesses can expand operations, and families can be better connected.

Fast, affordable, and reliable Internet service is unavailable in parts of 65% of Westmoreland County municipalities, yet it is needed to thrive in today’s virtual world. That’s why your participation in the county’s Internet Survey and Speed Test is critical.

To ensure accurate speed test data, the resident or business owner must take the survey from their Wi-Fi to test the Internet speed from that location. Countywide participation will directly contribute to ensuring that all parts of Westmoreland County are connected.

The survey is part of Westmoreland County Planning and Development’s Broadband Data Collection and Feasibility Study which will identify homes and businesses with limited or no broadband access. These locations will be inventoried based on Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data, boundaries of census blocks where service likely ends, and locations that are distant from roads and other communities.

The county has contracted with Michael Baker International to perform this inventory. Two field teams driving Michael Baker International vehicles will place door hangers at the entryway of locations being surveyed for low connectivity.

Take the Internet Survey and Speed Test to help close the digital divide and get your home or business connected. If you do not have broadband in your home, call 724-495-4350 to participate.


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Broadband Survey