The current public school system in the United States was created more than 100 years ago in an effort to educate large groups of students for factory, farm, or college work.  Its focus is on teaching ALL students the same content at the same time in the same way, and ultimately, producing the same worker.  It's an Industrial Age model of education that neither supports research on how children learn nor teaches critical skills that today's learners will need to be successful global citizens in the future.

Research in every facet of education has been telling us that we need to re-think school.  Because everyone learns at different rates and in different ways, instruction in a customized learning environment is organized to honor these principles.  Each learner follows a progression moving at his/her pace with support from a learning coach or teacher.  Learning targets are designated for each scope of a progression.  The learning targets are accompanied by performance scales to document with evidence what a learner knows and can do, whether at a foundational level or an applied level. There are numerous ways to assess learning; therefore, learners can choose how to demonstrate their understanding.

To be a responsible citizen and a candidate that employers seek in the twenty-first century, our learners have to be able to collaborate, think critically, make informed decisions, be creative, be information literate, and communicate in a variety of ways.  Opportunities to acquire these skills and competencies are not only embedded in the progressions, but are available through a variety of initiatives and activities at all levels.

It's an exciting time to be a learner in the Ligonier Valley School District.  The world has changed, and so have we.  Join us as we provide a customized learning experience for every learner, every day.