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From The Athletic Director

I'm proud to serve as Athletic Director at Ligonier Valley!
I'd like to welcome you to the Athletics website. It is my philosophy that we focus on supporting our athletes in being their very best in all they do.
I encourage athletes to remember that you represent Ligonier Valley on the court or field, in the pool, on the wrestling mat, in the classroom, and outside of our school grounds as well. It is my hope that you will represent Ram Pride in the way you carry yourselves with teammates, competitors, opposing coaches, officials, and teachers, classmates, community members, and beyond. 
Being involved in athletics is a journey that should be greatly appreciated. Life-lessons are learned through the challenges of working together as a team, learning and being coachable, striving for excellence, understanding discipline and dedication, and character development. Remember that sportsmanship must always be paramount in athletics. Carrying yourself as an athlete who exudes sportsmanship will be remembered, and it is expected in our programs.
As the athletic director, I am excited to be along for the journey with our athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and community. I expect our athletes to put in no less than 100% effort, never make quitting an option, and let it all on the court/field/pool/mat until the final buzzer. If you give your all and work together in unity with your teammates, you can be proud of the results - no matter win or lose.
The life-lessons, memories, moments of success and triumph, as well as the brother/sisterhood created in being part of a team will carry with you forever. Don't take these for granted while you are living them.
Parents and fans, I ask that you also enjoy the journey. Don't spend time stressing or expressing animosity toward game officials or opposing teams. Instead, live in the moment and enjoy your relative/friend/son/daughter's journey, your classmates' journey, and, ultimately, your journey with him/her!
Remember that you can cheer for your team without being nasty to the opposition. Let's make our school, our community, WPIAL, PIAA, and athletics proud by representing the highest ideals of interscholastic education and athletics. Be the fan, teammate, and RAM that we all expect you to be.
I look forward to working with all of you to provide the best possible athletic experiences for our athletes. I am blessed to work with the absolute best learner-athletes, administration, coaches, parents, and community in the Ligonier Valley. Together, we can exude Ram Pride in all we do!
Mr. Joseph Skura
Athletic Director