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Athletic Program


The purpose of education is to develop each learner to his or her fullest potential.  Participation in athletics is one facet of the total education of a learner in the Ligonier Valley School District.  Athletic training and competition are intended to contribute to the overall physical, intellectual, and moral development of our learners.
To these ends, the interscholastic athletic program aims to:
  • Encourage learners’ self-discipline
  • Foster learners’ skills and talents.
  • Enhance self-concept through learners’ assumption of responsibility and achievement of goals.
  • Develop good sportsmanship and good citizenship
  • Promote the productive use of leisure time for worthwhile recreation
  • Teach problem solving within an ethical framework
  • Contribute to learners’ recognition of the worth and dignity of the individual and of the value of cooperation.
Wesley Siko, Athletic Director
724-238-9531 extension 608  (office)
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