Ligonier Valley High School » Staff



Administration and Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Kurdziel, Rachel Principal [email protected]
Marabito, Brett Assistant Principal
Bridge, Debbie Secretary [email protected]
Monardo, Mary Beth Secretary [email protected]
Wisner, Nikki Secretary [email protected] 
Giron, Denise Guidance Counselor [email protected] 
Piemme, Alyssa Guidance Counselor [email protected] 


Faculty and Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Ackerman, Marsha Mathematics [email protected]
Ambrose-Stahl, Dee English [email protected]
Beitel, Roger Social Studies [email protected]
Blasko, Brian Special Education/Social Studies [email protected] 
Boast, John Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Brighton, Mike English [email protected]
Brown, Amy Social Studies [email protected]
Burd, Charles Science [email protected]
Byers, Randall Mathematics [email protected]
Carolan, Susan Special Education [email protected]
Crossland, Ashley English/AP English [email protected]
Dorian, Dana Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Duska, James Science [email protected]
Fry, Kelly Spanish [email protected]
Gaiardo, Al Social Studies [email protected]
Gilmore, Barbara French [email protected]
Gregorich, John Science [email protected]
Hickey, Martin Business Education
Hostetler, Christina Special Education [email protected]
Johnson, Col. Charles ROTC [email protected]
Jupina, Judith Art [email protected]
Kenna, Corrine English [email protected]
Lamont, Donna Librarian [email protected]
McNulty, Johna Science/Gifted [email protected]
Oates, MSgt David ROTC [email protected]
O’Sullivan, Linda Art [email protected]
Payne, Amy Special Education [email protected]
Raymond, Brendon Science [email protected]
Sampeer, Brooke Special Education [email protected]
Simpson, Robin Mathematics [email protected]
Tatsch, Emily Business Ed. [email protected]
Trickett, Bethann Music [email protected]
Turcheck, Corey Tech Ed [email protected]
Weiers, Gretchen Mathematics [email protected]