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Remote Learning


This page was created for Ligonier Valley Middle School learners who are attending school remotely. Its purpose is to provide support for distance learners to access school synchronously or asynchronously.  All courses are facilitated by Ligonier Valley School District teachers and are aligned to the Ligonier Valley School District learning progressions which allow for an easy transition back to an in-school environment should a learner choose that option at a later time.


If a learner is attending synchronously, he/she will follow a daily schedule to access ‘live’ classes. If attending asynchronously, a learner should establish a daily routine to complete schoolwork.  Either way, learners will want to balance screen time with non-screen time activity.  Attendance will be taken and monitored.  The district’s attendance policy is in effect for all learners no matter how instruction is accessed.


Learners should always log in to their Schoology accounts to begin learning.  All teachers are using this learning management system to provide instruction. 
Log in to PowerSchool 
To access the Ligonier Valley Middle School daily period schedule... 
To submit a help desk ticket...
To learn more about using Schoology...
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To schedule a tutorial, please contact your teacher or one of the teachers listed below.
Sixth Graders:
Mrs. Steimer - (learning support)
Ms. McRandal - (learning support)
Seventh Graders/Eighth Graders:
Mrs. Doris (math and algebra) 
Mr. Keefer (ELA reading and writing) 
Mr. Podlucky (social studies) 
Mrs. Richards (science) 
Mrs. Greenawalt (learning support)