Administration and Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Burns, Paulina Principal [email protected]
Higginbotham, Brian Assistant Principal [email protected] 
Harding, Karen Secretary [email protected]
Queer, Lyndsey Secretary [email protected]
Thomas, Heather School Nurse [email protected] 
Henderson, Dennis Guidance Counselor [email protected]


Faculty and Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Ankney, Kelly ELA Writing 6 [email protected]
Baker, Rebecca Math 6 [email protected]
Bakewell, Donald Tech Ed, Gifted Education Coordinator [email protected]
Brown, Paula ELA Reading 6 [email protected]
Campbell, Jamela Life Skills Support [email protected] 
Cauthen, Sigrid General Music, Instrumental Music, Chorus [email protected]
Doris, Sarah Math 7 [email protected]
Greenawalt, Sharon Learning Support [email protected]
Hickey, Martin Computer Applications [email protected] 
Hill, Heather Life Skills Support/Autism Support [email protected]
Keefer, Max ELA Writing 7/8, ELA Reading 7/8 [email protected]
Kuhns, Kristin ELA Writing 8 [email protected]
Lamont, Donna Media Specialist [email protected]
McNickle, Matthew ELA Reading 7 [email protected]
Mullen, Clint Social Studies 7 [email protected]
O'Sullivan, Linda Art [email protected]
Planinsek, Wendy Science 6 [email protected]
Podlucky, Ryan Health/PE, Social Studies 7/8 [email protected]
Richards, Pamela Science 8 [email protected]
Shepherd, Cassidy Learning Support [email protected] 
Skoloda, Joseph Social Studies 8 [email protected]
Steimer, Kathi Learning Support [email protected]
Storey, Adam STEAM, Technology Integration [email protected]
Suszek, Joshua Science 7 [email protected]
Warren, Denise Cafeteria [email protected]
Zambanini, Sheri Algebra [email protected]