Administration and Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Theys, Chris Principal [email protected]
McAllister, Carole Secretary [email protected]
Weaver, Molly Secretary [email protected]
Kim Dickert-Wallace
Guidance Counselor


Faculty and Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Bakewell, Donald Gifted [email protected]
Baronie, Abbey Primary [email protected]
Bucklen, Lorrie Intermediate  [email protected]
DiRinaldo, Natalie Intermediate  [email protected]
Duska, Kristin Primary [email protected]
Frank, Karen Learning Support [email protected]
Grove, Whitney Primary [email protected]
Bayus, Kelly Nurse [email protected]
Johnston, Kristin Intermediate  [email protected]
Kalp, Linda Learning Support [email protected]
Kording, Nicole ESL/Reading [email protected]
Lender, Jonathan Physical Education [email protected]
Massimo, Molly Computers [email protected]
Mundorff, Lisa Primary [email protected]
Munsch, Margaret Speech
Newmyer, Kelly Aide [email protected]
Perry, Michelle Primary [email protected]
Petalino, Adam Intermediate  [email protected]
Proskin, Tara Primary [email protected]
Rensko, Brandon Art [email protected]
Rensko, Lindsey Special Education [email protected]
Silvio, Courtney Primary [email protected]
Stevenson, Beth Ann Primary [email protected]
Stolkovich, Alane Music [email protected]
Storey, Stephanie Primary [email protected]
Strano, Carly Intermediate  [email protected]
Tamer, Michael Intermediate  [email protected]
Thompson, Tara Aide [email protected]
Trzeciak, Melanie Special Education [email protected]
Tudor, Renee Librarian [email protected]
Uliano-Smith, Liane Primary [email protected]
Vargo, Amy Intermediate  [email protected]
Vida, Erin Intermediate  [email protected]
Wnek, Drew STEAM [email protected]