Administration and Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Waugh, Wayne Principal [email protected]
Ross, Laurel Secretary [email protected] 
Carns, Kathy Guidance Counselor [email protected]


Faculty and Staff

Name Title/Position Email
Adair, Joy Autistic Support [email protected]
Altimus, Kimberley Primary [email protected]
Altimus, Laverne Aide [email protected]
Anderton, Hannah Primary [email protected]
Columbus, Denise Intermediate [email protected]
Conrad, Alison Intermediate [email protected]
Hegan, Robin Primary [email protected] 
Hepner, Todd Intermediate [email protected]
Hockenberry, Kelly Primary [email protected]
Horvath, David Intermediate [email protected]
Krouse, Vickie Intermediate [email protected]
Lear, Robin Primary [email protected]
Lender, Jonathan Physical Education [email protected]
Pardee, Suzan Learning Support [email protected]
Petalino, Bree Intermediate [email protected]
Pickup, Monica Primary [email protected]
Rensko, Brandon Art Education [email protected]
Sapalio, Lori Nurse [email protected]
Sowers, Lisa Primary [email protected]
Spangenberg, Amy Speech [email protected]
Stolkovich, Alane Music/Band [email protected]
Theys, Crystal Primary [email protected]
Trickett, Celeste Learning Support [email protected]
Tudor, Renee Librarian [email protected]
Wnek, Drew STEAM [email protected]