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Hybrid Options for Eligible Learners

The Ligonier Valley School District is offering a four-day in-person hybrid option for learners in grades K4, K5, one, and six, and any learner with an IEP or 504 Service Agreement, beginning Monday, February 1, 2021.  In addition, learners who are part of a targeted group are eligible to return for a two-day hybrid in-person option.  Please refer to the letter below for information from your child's building principal. 
Mr. Waugh, Laurel Valley Elementary School Principal, 724-235-2723
Mr. Theys, R. K. Mellon Elementary School Principal, 724-238-5663
Mr. David Steimer, Ligonier Valley Middle School Principal, 724-238-6407
Mr. Kantor, Ligonier Valley High School Principal, 724-238-9615.
Laurel Valley Elementary School
Information for 4k, 5k, and First Grade
Richard King Mellon Elementary School
Information for 4k, 5k, and First Grade
Ligonier Valley Middle School
Information for Sixth Grade and Targeted Groups
Ligonier Valley High School
Information for Targeted Groups
Registration Link
Use this link if you would like to register your learner in one of the eligible grades (K4, K5, Kindergarten, First Grade or Sixth Grade) for the four-day in-person hybrid option .  Please complete a registration form for each eligible learner.  This link is not for learners returning in a targeted group.