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Reopening Plan for Learners

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School District Ligonier Valley School District
Superintendent Dr. Christine Oldham
339 West Main Street
Ligonier, PA  15658
Email/Phone 724-238-5696
Website http://lvsd.k12.pa.us 
Goal of Plan
The goal of the Ligonier Valley School District 2020-21 Reopening Plan for Learners is to maximize the individual potential of every learner.
Overview of Plan

LVSD's Reopening Plan is designed to provide the best learning experiences and services possible to our learners following the COVID-19 mandatory school closure. In addition, the health and safety of our learners and staff are our top priority, and will account for CDC, PDE, and PA Department of Health. The plan will be delivered through a combination of brick-and-mortar, online, hybrid, remote, and telephonic opportunities. Finally, the plan will allow for a fluid environment for learners and staff, allowing them to move between models of delivery seamlessly as their own health might dictate, or in the event of a future mandatory school closure.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning
Teaching and learning will occur through the following:
Planned Instruction – Teachers use learning progressions, learner goals, and courses of study to introduce new concepts, skills, and learner outcomes.
Brick-and-Mortar – Learning occurs in one of the physical buildings of Ligonier Valley School District (Laurel Valley Elementary, R K Mellon Elementary, Ligonier Valley Middle School, Ligonier Valley High School).
Online Learning – Occurs through a device that has internet capability.
Remote Learning – Occurs in a location other than one of the physical buildings of Ligonier Valley School District. Learning experiences can be accessed through either online platforms or through physical materials available to the learner.
Hybrid Learning – A blend of remote and brick-and-mortar learning experiences.
Synchronous Learning – Occurs in real time, but from different locations. This can occur online, as well as through live streaming from a physical space to remote locations.
Asynchronous Learning – Occurs 24/7 through pre-arranged learning experiences. These experiences might include full coursework through an online platform, recorded lessons, or pre- assigned paper-pencil activities. Online asynchronous learning will be directed through the use of Schoology, the District’s Learning Management System.
2020-21 Learning Model
ln keeping with Social Distancing Guidelines, the occupancy of each space must be considered.  This includes classroom space, cafeterias, gymnasiums, school buses, and common areas.  Due to this consideration, Ligonier Valley School District will implement a HYBRID model of learning for the opening of the 2020-21 school year.  In addition, learners who prefer to remain in a full-time online environment will be able to do so through LV Online.
Hybrid Model
  • PreK-8 learners who return to the brick-and-mortar environment will report to their school buildings 2 out of 5 days/week. Learners will attend based on family groups, either Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday.
  • On the alternate 2 days, learners will complete their learning remotely.
  • 9-12 learners will use Flextime Manager to schedule their preferred learning environment on a bi-monthly basis (TBD). Learners may choose to schedule their classes in the Ligonier High School building, online, or via synchronous options. Every learner will be guaranteed 2 days (Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday), and will be permitted to schedule 4 days, provided that the building’s designated health and safety capacity has not yet been reached for that particular scheduling time frame. If building capacity designations have been reached, a learner will be able to schedule synchronous or asynchronous options.
  • Each Wednesday, all learners will complete their learning remotely.
  • Learners with special needs will have the option to attend brick-and mortar all 4 days (M/T/Th/F).
  • High School learners enrolled in career pathways at Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center (EWCTC) will attend brick-and mortar all 4 days (M/T/Th/F) that the EWCTC is open (currently 5), allowing them to meet the requirements of reaching “completer status” and earning their industry certifications. While these learners are able to ride school buses to/from LHS to shuttle to EWCTC, mid-day busing to/from learners’ homes will not be provided by the district. These learners riding district transportation to/from LHS will be provided a work area at LHS, allowing them to complete their online assignments. They may also complete their online instruction from home, provided transportation is provided by a parent/guardian.
  • The brick-and-mortar daily schedules for learners attending each school will be similar to last year; however, there may be some minor changes as 
    • LVE and RKM - 8:55 AM-3:55 PM
    • LVMS - 7:10 AM-2:28 PM
    • LVHS - 7:23 AM-2:48 PM
    • EWCTC - 8:00 AM-10:31 AM/11:39 AM-2:28 PM
Full-Time Remote Model
  • For learners who determine that they want to continue in a full-time online environment, the following expectations apply. Learners will:
    • Show progress toward reaching goals established by the teacher/learner/parent or guardian
    • Stay in contact with teachers through email, Zoom meetings, message boards, or other methods as determined by the teacher and learner.
    • Complete work and submit assignments.
    • Participate in live meetings for instructional assistance or to check in with their teacher.
    • Ask for help when needed.
  • If a learner is not progressing toward reaching the goals established by the teacher/learner/parent or guardian, the learner will be required to either attend the class virtually or by reporting to the respective school to attend classes until progress is maintained. In the event that a learner who is required to report to a respective school fails to do so, will be considered “absent”, and the procedures contained within LVSD’s Attendance Policy will be applicable.
  • Using school-issued iPads and other technology, learners will access instruction through Schoology. Wireless access devices will be provided on loan for learners who lack internet access.
  • Policy 224 states that the Board charges each learner with the responsibility for the proper care of school property, supplies, and equipment entrusted to his/her use. This includes the technology that is provided for hybrid or online learning. Learners are responsible for the care and return of all school books and equipment assigned or checked out to them. Damages or loss are the personal and financial responsibility of the learner.
  • Within the online model, opportunities for a synchronous experience can be provided, at teacher, learner or parent/guardian request.
  • Use of devices should follow the same rules as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities document and LVSD’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • High school learners who are enrolled in career pathways at EWCTC are also able to elect the full-time online model for their LHS coursework. While these learners are able to ride school buses to/from LHS to shuttle to EWCTC, mid-day busing to/from learners’ homes will not be provided by the district.
  • School personnel will contact any learner/learner parent or guardian, who has not had contact with a staff member for 3 consecutive days.
  • Regular bus transportation will be provided to/from the learner’s home/school.
  • Transportation, if addressed in a learner’s IEP, will be provided in accordance with the IEP.
  • Transportation will be provided between EWCTC and LHS, based upon the AM and PM sessions at EWCTC. To ride the EWCTC shuttle bus, AM learners will need to be picked up from LHS no later than 10:48 AM; PM learners will need to be dropped off at LHS no later than 11:15 AM. Learners may choose to provide their own transportation directly to/from EWCTC to attend their scheduled AM or PM session.
  • Activity buses will be available to transport learners from LVMS and LVHS at the conclusion of after-school athletic practices, tutoring, or extra-curricular activities.
  • Bus Passes – Day-to-day bus passes have been eliminated.  Any change in a learner's transportation must be pre-approved by the building administrator.
  • YMCA BUS – Learners will be transported to the YMCA after school on a designated run.. Social distancing measures have been applied to the roster sizes.
Communication Tools and Strategies
Communications with staff, learners, and families will be provided through several methods:
  • SWIFT ALERT (mass notification system)
  • District Webpage
  • ZOOM Meeting App
  • Email (Staff Emails by building)
  • Phone (Listed by building)
  • Newsletters/letters
Temporary Exclusions
Until guidelines specific to Pennsylvania's Yellow and Green phases are lifted, the following activities will be suspended:
  • Field Trips
  • Community-based Instruction
  • Classroom Visitors
  • Brick-and-Mortar Open Houses
  • Brick-and-Mortar Parent Conferences
  • Grade 4 Learn to Swim
  • Assemblies (Live)
  • Grandparent Lunches 
  • Classroom Parties
  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Middle School 5K
  • Project-based Learning Community Involvement 
  • Intergenerational Activities (including live Zumba)
  • Other activities that require travel outside of the school building
  • Other activities that require entry of members of the public into the school building
As able, virtual opportunities will be provided
Available Services
The following services are in place to assist learners and their families:
  • Telenursing
  • Teleguidance
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)
  • School-based Mental Health Teletherapy
  • Grab and Go Breakfast/Lunch (TBD)
  • Food2Go Weekend Backpack Program
Building/Grade Level Contacts

Laurel Valley Elementary School
Wayne Waugh, Principal
R K Mellon Elementary School Chris Theys, Principal 724-238-5663
Ligonier Valley Middle School
David Steimer, Principal
Paulina Burns, Assistant Principal
Ligonier Valley High School
Tim Kantor, Principal
Rachel Kurdziel, Assistant Principal
Special Education
Alternative Education
Homeless Learners
504 Services
Pandemic Coordinator
PK-12 Curriculum
Ed Moran, Director of Education 724-238-5696 ext. 103
Resource Links
Below are links that will connect you with resources for learners and families.
Education Links:
Technology Support:
Health Links:
District School Links: